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Take a fidget toy with you wherever you go! We stock clicky blues, tactile browns, and super smooth linears with a satisfying thonk. All keycaps are Cherry MX, housed in a transparent little case, with a keychain.

Key Selling Features:

Compact and Convenient: Cherry MX keycap tester is compact, designed in a keychain size for easy portability, making it a perfect on-the-go tool for testing keycaps or as a unique fidget toy.

Choice of Switch: Comes with either a Cherry MX Red , Brown, Blue or Black switch – choose the one that suits your typing style.

Versatile Use: Use it as a fidget toy, a conversation starter, or a thoughtful gift for the mechanical keyboard enthusiast in your life. Test keycaps anytime, anywhere.

Customizable: Add a button cell battery and a keycap with an LED to see it light up! (Battery and LED keycap not included).

High-Quality Construction: Features a clear ABS plastic base, a lobster clasp rope, a switch tester body, and a clear keycap, designed for durability and visual appeal.

Additional information

  • Blue switch: Very clicky
  • Brown switch: Less clicky with a slight tactile bump
  • Red switch: Super smooth and linear

What’s in the box

2 x Keycap testers keychains

Keycap blue
Keycap brown
Keycap red
Keycaps in hand
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