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Product Description

Secure your digital privacy with our pack of 10 Super Slim Laptop Webcam and Tablet Camera Covers. Designed to fit seamlessly with most laptops and tablets, these covers offer peace of mind by blocking potential prying eyes. Their super slim design ensures they don’t interfere with the closure of your laptop or the aesthetic of your device, blending perfectly with most black electronics.


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits most laptops and tablet front-facing cameras with a sleek design.
  • Easy to Apply: Features a sticky back for a strong, lasting hold. Ensure the camera area is clean before application.
  • Sliding Mechanism: Allows for easy opening and closing, enabling camera use without compromising privacy.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: At just 1mm thick, these covers maintain the slim profile of your devices without affecting functionality.
  • Stealthy Appearance: Deep black color to match and blend seamlessly with your devices.

Elevate your family’s digital security with these unobtrusive and effective webcam covers. Whether working from home, attending virtual classes, or enjoying online socializing, maintain privacy and peace of mind with a simple slide. Protect your privacy without sacrificing convenience or style-add our Webcam Covers to your gadgets today!

What’s in the box

10 x Super Slim Laptop Webcam and Tablet Sliding Camera Covers

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