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Product Description

Transform your workspace into a model of efficiency and cleanliness with our Under Desk Cable Organizer Net. Designed for ease of installation and maximum utility, this cable management solution keeps your desk free of unsightly and hazardous cable clutter. Whether it’s for your home office or professional workspace, our cable net ensures that all your charging cables, power cords, and other electronic paraphernalia are neatly stored and easily accessible.


Easy Installation: Comes with everything you need, including screws, mounting brackets, and sticky tape for a secure fit under your desk or behind the privacy shield.
Versatile Placement: Ideal for tidying up cables under desks or behind privacy panels, offering a cleaner, more organized look.
Ample Size: At 25cm x 50cm, it’s large enough to hold all your cables, plugs, laptop chargers, and power bricks without overcrowding.
Enhanced Workspace: Eliminate the mess of cables hanging or lying on the floor. Create a safer, more aesthetically pleasing environment.
Durable Construction: Designed with longevity in mind, ensuring your cables stay organized for years to come.
Elevate your desk’s functionality and appearance with our Under Desk Cable Organizer Net. Say goodbye to cable chaos and hello to a tidier, more efficient workspace today!

What’s in the box

  • 1 Cable Management Net
  • 6 Screws
  • 6 Mounting Brackets
  • 6 Sticky Tape Strips for Easy Bracket Installation

Cable Net 1
Cable Net 2
Cable Net 3