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Compressable and reusable. Perefect for laptops and GPUs. (7W/mk)

Exceptional Conductivity:
With a thermal conductivity of 7 W/mk, this putty ensures efficient heat transfer across various components.

Versatile Use:
Ideal for laptop and GPU VRMs, memory, and more. Specifically designed for components with variable heights like chokes and mosfets.

Highly Compressible:
Can be compressed up to 80% for customized thickness, allowing for precise application on all components.

One Tub, Many Applications:
No need to stock up on different thermal pads. A single 20g tub is equivalent to a 4cm X 8cm X 2mm thermal pad.

Note: The putty is not electrically conductive, reducing the risk of short circuits.

Note: Thermal pads and putty should not be used where thermal paste is required, such as directly on your CPU or GPU IHS or die

What’s in the box

  • 20g Thermal Putty

thermal putty 1
thermal putty 2