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We stock both standard (blue) and high performance (pink) thermal pads

Thermal pads keep your components cool, typically lasts longer than thermal paste, and is great where thermal paste cannot be used. Thermal pads cannot be used as a substitute for thermal paste.

Our blue (basic) and pink (high performance) silicone based thermal pads are designed specifically for VRM components on your motherboard, GPU, and laptop, as well as GPU memory and NVME SSDs. It also does wonders for Playstation and XBox.

These thermal pads can also be used on low power mosfets, LED lights etc, where thermal paste is not required, would be messy, or where reusability of the thermal substrate is required.

We sell the thermal pads in 10cm X 10cm sizes and various thicknesses. Larger orders can be fulfilled by emailing us on [email protected]

Thermal pad characteristics:

  • Not electrically conductive
  • Silicone based, so expect an “oily” feeling on your fingers after working with them
  • We purposefully try to not list the “watt per meter kelvin” rating as manufacturers use their own testing methodology to determine this rating. You can therefore not compare the W/mK from e.g. Noctua with the W/mK from Corsair, Thermal Grizzly, etc.

thermal pad1
thermal pad2
thermal pad3